The committee’s most important duty

bor_250The troop committee has many responsibilities and functions that facilitate a well-run troop. These include equipment, finance, advancement, training, transportation, helping to provide camping opportunities, and generally supporting the Scoutmaster.

We know the Scoutmaster’s number-one job: to train and mentor the youth leaders so they can run their troop effectively.

But what is a committee member’s most important responsibility? Continue reading “The committee’s most important duty”

Advancement True or False

rulings-tom-falseThere’s a lot of misinformation flying around in our world today. Entire websites such as Snopes and Politifact are dedicated to determining the credibility of news reports, claims and rumors that are put forth online and in the media every day.

Of course, Scouting is not without its misinformation and urban legends, and it’s up to us to know what’s true and what’s bunk.

With that in mind, here’s a quick “true or false” quiz on matters of advancement, and specifically on the board of review process. Answers follow the questions. Continue reading “Advancement True or False”