Are you a new leader?

If you are a new leader, you’ll need to set up a my.scouting account. To do this, you’ll need to go to and set up an account for yourself, and take Youth Protection Training before you turn in your adult application.

  • On the my.scouting opening page, you’ll click the Create Account link.
  • Then, follow these instructions to set up an account.
  • After your account is active, click on the Youth Protection Begins With You graphic to take Youth Protection Training.
  • After you complete Youth protection Training, print the certificate of completion and turn it in to your pack, troop or crew’s Committee Chair with your completed Adult Application. Don’t forget to complete the disclosure form facing the first page of the application form, and answer all six questions on the right side.

Web Resources

Here are some non-BSA websites that I have found to be useful.

  • Baloo’s Bugle – No longer maintained or updated, but the site contains twenty years of monthly issues running to 30+ pages each, keyed to the monthly Cub Scouting themes. Excellent, comprehensive help for all Cub Scouters.
  • Ask Andy – “Andy the Net Commissioner”, an experienced and respected unit commissioner, answers your pressing questions about Scouting and its application in our units.
  • ScoutmasterCG – Veteran Scoutmaster Clarke Green has hundreds of articles and podcasts covering nearly all aspects of Boy Scouting.

Pow-Wow Books

Before the Internet, Scouters who attended annual conferences sponsored by their councils would walk away with hundreds of pages of resources often called Pow-Wow Books. Explore some of the Cub Scouting resources from my collection.

Roundtable Resources

Here are the resources discussed at the Ottawa District Roundtable committee breakout sessions or referred to in other articles on Bobwhite Blather.

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March 2015 – Webelos Program Changes

February 2015 – Bear Program Changes

January 2015 – Wolf Program Changes

December 2014 – Tiger Program Changes

November 2013 – Rechartering

University of Scouting – January 2013

October 2012 – Advancement

January 2012 – Board of Review IQ True/False Quiz

Novmeber 2011 – Advancement Changes

October 2011 – Journey to Excellence

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