Pow-Wow Books

In the days before CD-ROMs, thumb drives and the Internet, when Cub Scouters attended gatherings called Scouters’ Conference or sometimes just Pow-Wow, they walked away with books containing hundreds of mimeographed pages of skits, songs, ceremonies, and program ideas compiled by Scouters in their area over the years. These Pow-Wow Books, as they were known, were kept around for years and often passed around from den leader to den leader.

I’ve decided to make available in electronic form my collection of Pow-Wow books and other printed resources. Most of these are from the 1990s and early 2000s. Some may be specific to our council (at the time, the Clinton Valley Council) and some information may be out of date. So, always check to make sure that the information you find lines up with the current program. But, good ideas are timeless, especially when it comes to working with children and having fun. Please use these pages as you wish to enhance your program. Who knows, you might make an impression on a young person that will stay with him or her for their lifetime.

Note: Each link opens a PDF file. To return to this page, use your browser’s back button (Alt-LeftArrow usually works too). Also note: Copyright, if any, rests with the original authors and no other is implied. As this material was freely provided to Scouters, it is assumed that it can be used to further the aims and mission of Scouting.



Pow-Wow Book from 1995

This Pow-Wow Book was distributed to attendees at the 1995 Cub Scout Leader Pow-Wow “Scouting Into the Next Generation” held by the Clinton Valley Council (now part of the Michigan Crossroads Council). There’s lots of great information, although some program elements, procedures and other aspects are now obsolete or have been reworked. Please refer to current guides for the most accurate information, but use these pages for inspiration and ideas.

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