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Arrow of Light changes

oldest_island_boyWrapping up our series on the upcoming changes to the Cub Scout program, this time we’ll discuss what is changing with the requirements for the Arrow of Light award.

Although these changes take effect on June 1 of this year, bear in mind that current Webelos Scouts can continue to use the current Arrow of Light requirements. Any boy joining Cub Scouts after June 1 must use the new requirements.

The most significant change is that the Arrow of Light no longer requires first earning the Webelos rank. Continue reading

Is Roundtable that important?

roundtable_250Do you attend your district Roundtable?

When I was first recruited to be a den leader, our Cubmaster told me that, besides basic leader training, I needed to attend Roundtable each month. I viewed it as part of my commitment to the boys in my den, and found it to be really valuable as a new leader just learning how the program worked.

But over the last few years, I’ve noticed that Roundtable attendance has been steadily dropping. Continue reading

Which way are your people pulling?

train-travel-minitime_bill85704_250Do you ever feel like your leadership efforts are like the engine of a locomotive, but it seems like you’re working a lot harder than you have to in order to get somewhere?

Some organizations seem to operate that way. It can take a lot of effort and a long time to achieve results that you expect should have been realized much sooner and without nearly as much pulling.

I think this is more commonly true of volunteer-led organizations like Scouting. Continue reading

Webelos elective changes

webelos_200Last month we took a look at the changes to the Webelos program coming in June 2015, with an eye toward the required Adventures that’ll require some nontrivial advance planning on the part of the Webelos den leader.

This month we’ll dive into the rather lengthy list of elective Adventures that the Scouts can choose from to fulfill the requirements for the Webelos and Arrow of Light ranks, courtesy of Candy Kniaz, Ottawa District Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner. As you look over the new Adventures, you’ll find that most parallel the activity badges and pins that they replace. Continue reading