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Financial practices for units: Bank accounts

In the first article in this series, I offered some recommendations on being prepared financially through creating and following an annual unit budget. In this post, we’ll look at some banking best practices for your troop or pack.

Let me first say that I am not a lawyer or a CPA. The points that follow are gathered from reliable past practices as well as my understanding from folks who do know better. As always, check with your own people if you’d like definitive advice that applies to you (it’ll probably cost you, though).

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Eight fall recruiting ideas you haven’t tried


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Fall is approaching, whether we realize it or not, and with it comes our most productive recruiting season. School starts back up, and our Cub Scout program kicks into gear. Each year, packs need to form new Tiger dens and add to the others, replacing those who aren’t returning or have moved away.

We also need to make an effort to reach out to all available youth and give them the opportunity to join Scouting. Even if they’ve seen us before, boys grow and develop and their interests change rapidly. Last year’s lukewarm prospect may be this year’s go-getter.

By now, every pack should have held its annual program planning meeting – if yours hasn’t, get together as soon as possible to map out the year’s pack meetings and activities. You should also be scheduling your recruiting events: Continue reading

Notes from all over

Smokey_with-ScoutsOne of my favorite magazines, The New Yorker, has a recurring column titled Notes from All Over, a collection of miscellany that are interesting in and of themselves but don’t merit an entire article. Today’s article is like that, so I’m borrowing the title with apologies (and a tip of the campaign hat) to the esteemed periodical. Continue reading