Old copies of Boys’ Life taking up space?

You probably know someone – your parents, a college friend, maybe even yourself – who subscribes to National Geographic. The magazine contains some of the finest writing and photography available, and their iconic yellow covers have become part of our culture. But many people who subscribe just can’t bear to throw them away. They pile up, fill our bookshelves and basements, and can take over our lives.  Lexington Herald-Leader writer Tom Eblen wrote about his own experience with the “yellow wall”, as he put it, and  joked:

One of these days, I fully expect to see this newspaper headline: “Couple killed in bedroom ceiling collapse; police blame National Geographics in attic.”

They may not be as ubiquitous (or as heavy) as collections of old copies of National Geographic, but many of us are hoarding stacks of the various magazines published by the Boy Scouts of America. Continue reading “Old copies of Boys’ Life taking up space?”