The changing journey

JTE2012-GoldBy now, hopefully you’ve had a chance to complete your troop’s annual Journey to Excellence scorecard and turn it in to your district professional. Generally, these are due by December 31st, in order to qualify for the award and help your district and council qualify for theirs. (The district and council JTE awards depend in part on units turning in their scorecards.)

When Journey to Excellence was developed by a team of experienced Scouters and national council staff, it was intended to be a flexible system, in order to reflect current BSA initiatives and to be a better predictor of the quality of a unit’s performance and program. Continue reading “The changing journey”

For aged-out Scouts, a new option

If your troop is like mine, you probably have had a few Scouts age out of youth membership and head off to college or military service. Most likely Life or Eagle Scouts, these young men still enjoy being active in the OA (where they are still youth members until they turn 21), and taking part in troop campouts, hikes, high adventure or other Scouting endeavors, but can no longer be a Scout in the Boy Scout program. Unless you had a Venturing crew closely associated with your troop, your only option to keep them active in your unit was for them to register as an assistant Scoutmaster. (They can’t register as a committee member until they turn 21.) Continue reading “For aged-out Scouts, a new option”

How’s your Journey going?

(See the end of this post for an update.)

As we move into mid-September, it’s time to stop and evaluate how our Journey is going this year.

Of course, I’m referring to the Journey to Excellence, the BSA’s replacement for the Centennial Quality Unit award. Last fall, I wrote about the new evaluation program that stacks units up not against their own commitments but a list of thirteen reference points with measurements for each, similar to the old Quality Unit program, but with a twist: there are three levels of success and two ways to get there. You must score points in 11 of 13 categories, and the number of points you score determines your level — bronze, silver or gold. Continue reading “How’s your Journey going?”