Let’s play Jeopardy!

jeopardy_200Ever since the mid-1960s, the television game show Jeopardy! has been a must-see program for millions of viewers nationwide. Since the beginning, contestants from all walks of life competed for cash prizes, some walking away with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Two things set the show apart from other game shows of the time. Continue reading “Let’s play Jeopardy!”

Training, advising and assisting

Afghan veterans celebrateFor the past eleven-plus years, the United States military has been engaged in warfare in the mountainous Asian nation of Afghanistan, assisting the Afghan forces in defending against the Taliban. Politics aside, many observers have been looking forward to an end to US involvement. Chiefly among them are families of our fighting men and women, many of whom were Scouts as youth.

Within the last few days, President Obama announced his intention to pursue an accelerated withdrawal of fighting forces from Afghanistan. No longer would American troops be fighting the battles; rather, most will come home, and for those who remain, their role will be one of training, advising and assisting Afghan forces as they engage in combat against their country’s insurgents. Continue reading “Training, advising and assisting”

“My job is just to ask questions”

Restaurant ImpossibleEvery week, the Food Network runs a show called Restaurant Impossible. In the show, chef Robert Irvine makes a whirlwind two-day visit to a failing restaurant to try to determine why it’s failing and to take corrective action. His designers fix the decor while he fixes not only the kitchen and the menu, but more importantly, the staff and owners as well.

A recent episode had Chef Robert and his crew at a steakhouse which has been losing money for several years. In going over the books, he notices financial discrepancies that could be the result of mismanagement or, worse, theft. Continue reading ““My job is just to ask questions””

10 signs you enjoy being a Scouter

As another year winds down and we look forward to another (assuming the Mayan calendar or a zombie attack doesn’t do us all in), we often take a moment to reflect on how things are going. Much of our thinking goes into evaluating what we’ve done and how we can do better going forward. After reading a post in Recognize This!, a blog written by employee recognition and reward consultant Derek Irvine, I got to thinking about my own experiences in Scouting and why I keep doing it. Continue reading “10 signs you enjoy being a Scouter”