Just when we get them trained…

patch-district-executive-294x300If you’re a regular visitor to this site, you are most likely a volunteer Scouter. Someone who gives of their time and effort to help the Scouting program exist for our sons and daughters and the communities in which we live.

You’re more than aware that as our kids grow, so do we, and we tend to move along and follow them through the programs that they participate in. When they’re in Cub Scouts, we volunteer as leaders in the pack, and when they move on up to Boy Scouts, we usually leave Cub Scouting behind and try our hand at volunteering in our son’s troop.

At each step of our own Scouting trail, we learn about what’s expected of us as a volunteer. The first thing we do after completing our Youth Protection Training is to find and take the position-specific training for the job we’ll be doing. But as we know, training isn’t the final step but only the first step in our road to learning about Scouting and the work that we do. We gain knowledge along the way, through training courses, day-long seminars, resources like Scouting Magazine and just talking to our fellow Scouters at Roundtable and other gatherings, formal and informal.

And just when we get the hang of things, we leave. Continue reading “Just when we get them trained…”