Girls + Scouting ≠ Girl Scouts

I had a feeling this wasn’t going to end well.

You may have heard about the lawsuit filed by the Girl Scouts of the USA against the Boy Scouts of America for infringing on their trademark by dropping “boy” from Boy Scouts, calling it instead Scouts BSA.

The complaint is that the change marginalizes the programs of the GSUSA because it can lead the public to think that its programs are not true “Scouting” programs, but rather, as they put it, “niche services with limited utility and appeal.” Continue reading “Girls + Scouting ≠ Girl Scouts”

The George Meany Award

LU102.0615.250You probably know the name George Meany. You might know that his name is associated with labor unions. Meany was the president of the American Federation of Labor, an association of labor unions, who proposed the merger with the Congress of Industrial Organizations, a similar association, forming the AFL-CIO in the 1950s. Meany served as the president of the combined organization for more than twenty years following its founding.

Meany was also a strong supporter of the Scouting movement in America. Like Scouting, labor unions consist of like-minded individuals working toward a common goal, whether it’s in the miniature society of a patrol or in a multi-thousand member organization like the UAW or AFSCME. It’s estimated that one in four Scouters is also a union member.

In recognition of his support of Scouting, the AFL-CIO recognizes union members who render service to their communities through Scouting. Continue reading “The George Meany Award”

More on “sports parents” and Scouting

bsalax_200In February, we posted an article titled Signing Day in which we explored the high-profile world of high school athletes committing to play sports in college and how the “race to the top” ends up costing parents, families and youth dearly, often to grave disappointment. A few months later, Bryan Wendell of Scouting Magazine blogged about the phenomenon as well.

More continues to be written about the youth sports craze and how parents can best manage their children’s, and their own, experience and expectations.  Continue reading “More on “sports parents” and Scouting”

Signing day

signingAs this article is being written, we are in the midst of National Signing Day, the day on which the talented and sought-after high school football players announce their intentions on which college to attend and continue not only their education but the pursuit of their chosen sport. Fax machines in college recruiting offices start humming at daybreak. Fans of their favorite teams eagerly watch the Web or their Twitter feeds as the coach or athletic department announce which of the players they’ve pursued will shine on their program with their presence, and friends and families of the players are ready to congratulate them as they don their future school colors.

In sports-crazy America, this has become a rite of passage for those players who have devoted uncounted hours and resources to playing the game. Continue reading “Signing day”

Is Scouting invisible?

When perfectly-engaged and enthusiastic Cub Scouts just don’t make the transition to Boy Scouts, opting for heavier involvement in sports or other activities instead, you have to wonder why.

Is it because of something they didn’t get out of Scouting? That’s probably not the case, because they stuck with Cub Scouts all the way through.

Do they lose interest? That may be part of it, because either they or their parents can’t see doing another six or seven years of field trips to the fire station or overnight sleepovers at the science center. Continue reading “Is Scouting invisible?”