How’s your Journey going?

(See the end of this post for an update.)

As we move into mid-September, it’s time to stop and evaluate how our Journey is going this year.

Of course, I’m referring to the Journey to Excellence, the BSA’s replacement for the Centennial Quality Unit award. Last fall, I wrote about the new evaluation program that stacks units up not against their own commitments but a list of thirteen reference points with measurements for each, similar to the old Quality Unit program, but with a twist: there are three levels of success and two ways to get there. You must score points in 11 of 13 categories, and the number of points you score determines your level — bronze, silver or gold. Continue reading “How’s your Journey going?”

Quality Unit: What’s in it for them?

By now, every unit should have filed its annual Centennial Quality Unit report for 2009 and forecast for 2010.  In 2007, when the CQU program replaced the old Quality Unit, the due dates were changed from being coincidental with the charter renewal.  The report may be submitted beginning October 31 but is due by December 31. Continue reading “Quality Unit: What’s in it for them?”