Do you have a troop handbook?

It’s been said that the Boy Scouts of America is responsible for more dead trees than any other organization – based on the sheer number of handbooks, guidebooks, pamphlets, training guides, and other publications.

Don’t believe me? Just visit your nearest Scout shop. There you’ll find for sale copies of the Scout handbook in multiple formats, a handbook for Scoutmasters, a handbook for the troop committee, the Scout fieldbook, handbooks for various youth leadership positions, over one hundred twenty different merit badge pamphlets, books containing troop meeting planning guides and resource books. There are syllabuses for training Scoutmasters, committee members, and youth leaders, as well as guides for planning Roundtable. Guides for safe Scouting, conducting trips and outings, health and safety … the list goes on. And I haven’t even delved into Cub Scouting. Continue reading “Do you have a troop handbook?”

A Scouting Stylebook

You say to-may-to, I say to-mah-to. You say Venture, I say Venturing. Which is correct?

Many times we find ourselves writing about Scouting, either for our own units or for outside purposes. Whether writing a memo to your unit’s families, sending an e-mail to a community organization, or composing an article for the local newspaper, getting your words right is of high importance. It’s especially important at this time of year when many units are recruiting new members. Continue reading “A Scouting Stylebook”