Some assembly required

We recently bought some new patio furniture. If you’ve ever done the same, you realize that it most likely comes to you in pieces and you need to put it together yourself. The large Swedish-based retailer whose logo shares colors with Cub Scouting (you know who I mean) is well-known for their quality and price, and equally known for their cryptic assembly instructions. But this furniture was not from that store, and the instructions were even more puzzling – just a single sheet with eight tiny, hard-to-read drawings. Only my mechanical intuition and well-stocked tool chest saved me from the total frustration that would have ensued had I tried to assemble it with the minimal hand tools supplied

I briefly pondered taking pictures or making a video of the way I ended up assembling the furniture. Continue reading “Some assembly required”

Thank you committee chairs!

University of ScoutingWe had a successful University of Scouting training event in our field-service council¹ yesterday. Every other year, two of our field-service councils conduct a University of Scouting. Attendance was up, by my observation, and there was much good solid information passed along to and shared among the Scouters who attended.

My class was Strictly for Troop Committee Chairs and indeed it was almost entirely committee chairs among the dozen or so who attended. We had a lively discussion centered around the topics the people in the class most wanted to talk about. Continue reading “Thank you committee chairs!”


University of ScoutingI got a draft notice last night.

Well, sort of. Our council’s Dean of Boy Scouts for University of Scouting e-mailed me to ask if I could teach the Strictly for Committee Chairs class, and I agreed to be drafted into service once again. I’ve taught the class a few times before. I try to impart some of what I’ve learned in seven years’ service as a troop committee chair, and enjoy interacting with other committee chairs, listening to issues they’re having and try to arrive at solutions.  Continue reading “Drafted!”

Calling All Scouters!

University of ScoutingAs a Scouter, one of the most important things you can do to improve not only your experience in Scouting but also to improve the program for the boys is training.

In addition to online and classroom training courses, a fun and interesting learning opportunity comes around in most councils about once a year – University of Scouting.

Formerly called Scouters’ Conference or Cub Scout Pow-Wow, the University of Scouting concept has spread across the country. Continue reading “Calling All Scouters!”