Going, going, gone

A young man, well-liked in his school, just months away from graduation, elected as homecoming king by his classmates, takes his own life.

Another young man, also popular in high school, another homecoming king – valedictorian, accepted at a prestigious university – ends his own life as well.

Another young man fails to awaken one morning. His parents find him groggy and unresponsive. After three days on a ventilator in intensive care, he starts to come out of it. He eventually recovers, but his family is scarred by the incident.

These may be isolated incidents, but they happened in my community – and within the last few months. Continue reading “Going, going, gone”

When it’s “time to tell”, will your Scouts know what to do?

Big headlines were made last year when allegations of child sexual abuse came forth against former Penn State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. The failure to maintain accountability when faced with the allegations led to the dismissal of the beloved head coach Joe Paterno and the university president, Graham Spanier. As this article is written, Sandusky is standing trial in Pennsylvania on the charges that he molested several teenage and pre-teen boys within the structure of the Penn State football program and through his youth foundation. The testimony has been graphic; read some of the news accounts here.

As we are told in the BSA’s excellent resource, A Time to Tell, sexual abuse is all too common in our society, and it isn’t always perpetrated by those who you’d think. Continue reading “When it’s “time to tell”, will your Scouts know what to do?”