By the numbers


  • <2% – The percentage of the 500,000 high school baseball players that will go on to play NCAA Division 1 baseball.
  • 80% – The percentage of college baseball players that play for colleges other than Division 1 schools (i.e. D2, D3, junior colleges or NAIA).
  • 9 – The average number of scholarships awarded each year by a D2 college.
  • 7 – The middle-school grade when college coaches start evaluating recruits.
  • 0.006% – The odds of a high school athlete going pro

Now consider:

  • 3.5 – Times more likely Eagle Scouts are to be admitted to West Point than the general high school population.
  • 47 - The number of national scholarships available only to Eagle Scouts, not including local and council scholarships
  • 4% – The percentage of the 2.6-million Boy Scouts who will go on to earn the Eagle Scout award.
  • 191 - Members of Congress who were Scouts as youth.
  • $384 Million – The value of volunteer time provided by Scouts and volunteers in 2013.
  • Unknown, but likely big – The dollar value of scholarships awarded to Scouts last year
  • Priceless – The value that Scouting brings to our youth and our society.

College admissions officers say that, all other things being equal, being a Scout gives a college applicant an advantage over someone who wasn’t involved in Scouting.

Do the numbers work in your favor?

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