doagoodturndaily_200What’s that hash tag doing in the title of this article?

It’s the latest initiative to spring forth from this year’s historic centennial National Order of the Arrow Conference at Michigan State University.

Conceived by a handful of Arrowmen and their adult advisors and unveiled by national chief Alex Call during the arena show Wednesday night, DareToDo is simply an expression of what we are as Scouts and Scouters. It builds on the first word of our slogan - Do a Good Turn Daily – and challenges us,  Scouts and Scouters everywhere whether Arrowmen or not, to not only do a daily Good Turn but to chronicle it in social media for the coming one hundred days – symbolic of the one hundred years of cheerful service that members of the OA have given.

While most of us do what could be considered a Good Turn countless times each day – without even thinking about it – DareToDo asks us to start the conversation by posting a description of one of our daily Good Turns to social media using the hash tag #DareToDo. 

Far from being a means to brag about our unselfish service to others, DareToDo allows us to make our efforts a force for good, raising awareness and inspiring others in the process. It’s surely an inspiration and a great way to measure Scouting’s impact on society.

You can read more about DareToDo in this article by Scouting Magazine editor Bryan Wendell, writing from NOAC in East Lansing this week. And you can accept the dare by posting your daily Good Turn using the #DareToDo hash tag, then following the movement on the DareToDo website.

This post first appeared on Bobwhite Blather.
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