Don’t stress out!

stressed_manAdult Scout leaders sometimes try to take on too much, try too hard to be perfect or try to out-do one another. Usually, these actions are because we are focusing on our own needs or want others to see what great things we are doing.

This kind of thinking can lead to stress. That’s not something that should result from a fun activity like Scouting!

It’s easy enough just to say “don’t worry – be happy” but brushing it off in a simplistic manner won’t get to the root of the issue.

When you turn your focus to where it belongs – the Scouts – a lot of that stress will melt away. Focus on them having a good time and do what you can to support it.

Dan Rockwell reminds us that stress comes from focusing on ourselves, our internal need for perfection and recognition, and polishing our own image. The way to reduce stress is to be a servant leader – one whose role is to help others succeed.

If you’re in Cub Scouting, that means helping your fellow leaders. Den leaders can help the Cubmaster by easing the burden of pack operations, and Cubmasters can return the favor by providing resources and mentoring for their den leaders. In Boy Scouts, adults are there for one reason only – to serve the Scouts – and must focus exclusively on helping the Scouts be better leaders and have a more enjoyable experience. It’s not your job to run the program, plan meetings and campouts or teach skills – that’s the Scouts’ responsibility.

All that time in the spotlight is bound to stress you out. Turn the spotlight away from yourself and you’ll be happier.

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This post first appeared on Bobwhite Blather.
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