Notes from all over

Smokey_with-ScoutsOne of my favorite magazines, The New Yorker, has a recurring column titled Notes from All Over, a collection of miscellany that are interesting in and of themselves but don’t merit an entire article. Today’s article is like that, so I’m borrowing the title with apologies (and a tip of the campaign hat) to the esteemed periodical.

  • Scouting Wire, the BSA’s internal news service for employees and volunteers, ran a story this past week about Scouting in pop culture through the years. It covers the gamut from recruiting posters from World War II imploring our young men to join Scouting to help the war effort at home, through the postwar years when Boy Scouts was a central part of American life and up to the iconic Disney movie Follow Me, Boys!. Future excursions into pop culture are promised, so keep an eye on this series.
  • Clarke Green departs from Scouting in an item this past week on talks about the miracle of life and of a modern medical diagnostic tool that could have lengthened the life of his mother and grandfather. Check out Taking the Miraculous for Granted.
  • Finally, Scouter and fellow Bobwhite Arwen Spor was inspired by her Wood Badge experience (and the lack of Bobwhite tchotchkes, alas) to come up with a series of comics about being a Scouter, told through the eyes of the various critters. The series is titled Covey Logic, after the creator-consultant of the current Wood Badge course, and is a light-hearted look at Scouting that only Scouters will fully understand. Read more about Spor in this post on Scouting Magazine’s blog.

Whether you’re taking it easy, off to summer camp or high adventure or just enjoying nature’s splendor, have a good week!

This post first appeared on Bobwhite Blather.
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