Six journeys begun

pathLast night I assisted the fledgling pack that I commission with their Join Scouting Night presentation. The pack arranged for a local yo-yo scientist (think Bill Nye with a pocket full of yo-yos) to entertain the boys and families with some stringy hijinks, and the Cubmaster talked about the fun activities to come over the next year. His aim is to tie in with the school’s STEM emphasis by providing complementary experiences, and our council is helping out with program resources tailored toward STEM.

I handled registration and took a minute to talk with each boy as his parent was signing in. At the end of the evening as the parents were turning in completed applications, I could tell the boys liked what they saw and are eager for more. We welcomed six boys into the pack, and a few more have said they want to join but couldn’t make it last night.

Each of the six new Cub Scouts embarked on a journey last night. It’s too soon to tell where that journey will lead. They very well may become scientists, doctors or engineers. Some may go into business or humanities. All will take Scouting with them, and may even walk the Scouting trail all the way into adulthood. At least we can hope so.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Last night these boys took that first step. Let’s help them find their journey.

Photo by Hockadilly / Creative Commons license

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