The George Meany Award

LU102.0615.250You probably know the name George Meany. You might know that his name is associated with labor unions. Meany was the president of the American Federation of Labor, an association of labor unions, who proposed the merger with the Congress of Industrial Organizations, a similar association, forming the AFL-CIO in the 1950s. Meany served as the president of the combined organization for more than twenty years following its founding.

Meany was also a strong supporter of the Scouting movement in America. Like Scouting, labor unions consist of like-minded individuals working toward a common goal, whether it’s in the miniature society of a patrol or in a multi-thousand member organization like the UAW or AFSCME. It’s estimated that one in four Scouters is also a union member.

In recognition of his support of Scouting, the AFL-CIO recognizes union members who render service to their communities through Scouting. Continue reading “The George Meany Award”

New training awards for Cub Scout leaders

Last year, the BSA’s national training team announced it was revising many of the training awards, or “knots,” that Scouters earn for service, training and performance in their volunteer roles. Chief among the changes is the revamping of the many knots that a Cub Scout leader can earn, which we wrote about last fall.

Now, the specific changes have been put into effect and the sunset dates for the previous awards announced. Continue reading “New training awards for Cub Scout leaders”

The knots, they are a-changin’

Cub Scout leaders and volunteers can expect to see some changes to their training awards and insignia beginning next year.

The national training team has received requests and suggestions for simplifying the large number of personal achievement, recognition, training and service awards, commonly called “square knots,” that are available for leaders to earn. Among the changes coming are a consolidation of the Cub Scout Leader training award knots. Continue reading “The knots, they are a-changin’”