New training awards for Cub Scout leaders

Last year, the BSA’s national training team announced it was revising many of the training awards, or “knots,” that Scouters earn for service, training and performance in their volunteer roles. Chief among the changes is the revamping of the many knots that a Cub Scout leader can earn, which we wrote about last fall.

Now, the specific changes have been put into effect and the sunset dates for the previous awards announced.

  • The Cubmaster Award has been discontinued. Cubmasters may now earn the Scouter’s Key Award and may wear the Scouter’s Key knot with a Cub Scouting device (a small pin worn on the knot).
  • The Cub Scouter and Pack Trainer Awards have been discontinued. Cub Scout pack leaders may earn the Scouter’s Training Award and may wear the Scouter’s Training Award knot with a Cub Scouting device.
  • The Tiger Cub and Webelos Den Leader’s Awards have been discontinued. All den leaders may earn a new Den Leader’s Training Award medal that is being created, and may wear the Den Leader’s Training Award knot (identical to the previous Cub Scout Den Leader Award knot) with the appropriate device. A Tiger Cub den leader device is also being developed.

The application forms and requirements have been simplified, but the awards carry roughly the same degree of difficulty as previously. The form is no longer a “pocket checklist” but a PDF with fillable fields that can be printed and filled in or completed on a computer and printed or submitted. The new forms and requirements are available on the adult training page of the training section on BSA’s website, in the paragraph headed Training Awards for Adult Leaders in Units.

Scouters who are currently working on Cub leader training awards (currently registered in a position) may continue to use the old requirements, and earn the old knots (while supplies last), but all requirements must be completed by specific dates:

  • Tiger Cub and Webelos Den Leader awards, by December 31, 2012
  • Cubmaster, Pack Trainer and Cub Scouter awards, by December 31, 2013

After these dates, the new requirements must be satisfied and the new knots will be earned.

Of course, if you’ve already earned the old knots, they can still be worn on your uniform indefinitely.

The training award program is an outstanding way for leaders to inspire themselves to provide the best possible program for our youth, and for BSA and your unit to recognize your commitment to Scouting.

This post first appeared on Bobwhite Blather.
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