The one question

As committee chair, it’s your responsibility to see that the committee supports the troop or pack program by providing those things that the Scoutmaster or Cubmaster needs to be successful. These things can be similar between these two programs (help in arranging activities such as camping or transportation), or they can be very different (“running the show” in Cub Scouts versus training the boys to do so in Boy Scouts).

Of course, you don’t do it alone. You hopefully have a committee full of eager parents willing to help with all the details, and it’s your job to recruit and support them. Continue reading “The one question”

The People Issues: Relationship guidelines

Have you ever studied the characteristics of high-performance teams? In Wood Badge, and in many corporate teambuilding programs, you’ve learned about how groups of people interact. Most likely you remember the terms Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing, and when you hear those words you probably even visualize the four-square diagram sometimes used to illustrate the process. Well, in order to become a performing team, you need to get past the forming and storming to reach a phase of norming.

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