The law of attraction

cardinal_c300I was watching the birds fly around in my back yard the other morning. Among others, we have a pair of cardinals who have returned for the last couple years. Here’s a picture my wife took as they relaxed in our magnolia tree. I’m not absolutely sure it’s the same birds but a friend told me that cardinals mate for life.

Certainly, this pair of cardinals is attracted to each other, but the reason they’re in my yard is most likely because I put out one of their favorite foods, sunflower seeds, during the winter. Just this morning I observed the male sitting on the feeder having his breakfast.

It’s the “law of attraction”: Put out sunflower seeds and you’ll attract cardinals, bluejays, orioles and other colorful birds.

The same law applies to people. You can attract positive people if you put out positive energy. Having an optimistic outlook and a cheerful attitude will make you more attractive to others. Negative energy will spoil that interaction.

As a Scouter, being cheerful and positive is helpful in not only working with our fellow Scouters but in attracting new people to our units. When parents of potential new members come to visit, be sure you put out positive energy. Be friendly and accommodating. Make others feel welcome. Smile! Don’t be dour, condescending or act like your troop is an exclusive club. The decision on which troop to join or whether to join Scouting at all is often made by the parents, who want the assurance that the adults associated with the unit have their children’s best interests at heart.

Think of them as cardinals, and you’re the bird feeder. Will you be empty, or filled with a tasty attraction?

This post first appeared on Bobwhite Blather.
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