The uniform every kid’s gonna want

ethan_200That’s the subject line on an e-mail advertisement I received this week from a popular athletic gear company. (I won’t say which one.) They’re known for making high-quality apparel that keeps athletes comfortable in hot and cold weather, and their lines have broadened to include casual clothing as well. The e-mail pictured a young man, ready for school, wearing a polo shirt and khakis from this brand’s new fall line. This is your uniform, the ad states in bold type.

But you know what I thought when I read the subject – and why shouldn’t that interpretation be true?

Scouting offers adventure and fun for every kid. The great outdoors – camping, exploring, hiking, aquatics. The great indoors – science, technology, crafts, games. The values that parents also value – doing good things for others, getting along with people, being courteous. (And if that kid happens to be a girl, no problem – we have programs for older girls, and there’s always our sisters in the Girl Scouts too.)

And it’s all wrapped up in our uniform. That’s something you won’t find in theirs.

This post first appeared on Bobwhite Blather.
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