A man shall leave his mother

rings_250When my niece got married a few months ago, one of the songs she and her new husband chose was the Wedding Song, written by Paul Stookey of the folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary. We’re probably all familiar with it – one of the stanzas starts out

Well, a man shall leave his mother

and a woman leave her home

They shall travel on to where the two shall be as one

The song’s lyrics are based in part on writings found in holy scriptures, most notably in the Bible, and specifically in the books of Genesis, Ephesians and Timothy, each of which has a similar account of the process of maturation and matrimony.

While the thought of a son leaving home and starting a new life with someone else undoubtedly pains many a nurturing mother, Stookey and the writers of scripture tell us it’s all in the name of love. One of the greatest acts of love that a mother can give her son is to help prepare him for the day when he does leave the nest. Besides teaching him to love one another and to be considerate, helpful and thoughtful toward others, there are many practical things she can see that he picks up along the way.

One way to help this process is to support his participation in Scouting. He’ll learn how to get along with others, how to feed himself, to think and solve problems independently, to be aware of his physical being, and to generally take care of himself and those around him. While a lot of moms thrive on their children being dependent on them, it’s in everyone’s best interests that they learn how to function on their own.

On Mother’s Day, a big thank you to all Scout moms and moms of Scouts (and Scouters) for everything you do for your children and for Scouting. You’re helping to forge our future by raising responsible young people with a moral compass and a desire to improve our world.


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