Cellphones at summer camp

phone-1031070_250Earlier this week I posted an article giving adults some guidance, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, about what they should pack for spending a week at summer camp with their troop. In it, I included a link to a packing list for Scouts that my troop has used for a few years now, and on that list was a mention that cellphones shouldn’t be brought to, or used at, camp.

Here’s the paragraph:

Scouts should not bring…Cell phones – these should not be carried or used in camp because they are a distraction. Boys may bring them in the car to and from camp, but they must be left in the car. Adults are requested to leave their phones in their cars or tents.

The list was written several years ago back when cellphones were basically telephones and not much else. Continue reading “Cellphones at summer camp”

Summer camp packing list for adults

checklist_200June is here, which means troops will be heading off to summer camp starting this month. The annual pilgrimage always involves making sure everyone has what they need in order to have a successful week at camp.

There are many lists of what Scouts should bring to summer camp – clothing and personal gear, forms, handbooks, camping essentials and outdoor equipment, to name a few. As an example, here is a list (PDF) from my troop. I put it together a few years ago, with input from our experienced youth campers, and offered it to Scouts and their parents, with the advice that the Scout should pack his own gear.

That list covers what Scouts will likely need at camp, but what about adults? Continue reading “Summer camp packing list for adults”

The adult role at summer camp

campflagsSoon our troop heads off to summer camp, as does just about every troop. This week I sent out the following advice to our troop parents:

Summer camp is coming up in just a couple weeks. Summer camp is a critical time for our youth leaders to put the leadership they’ve been practicing into action. It’s what they’ve been working toward all year and looking forward to.

If you are planning to attend summer camp, please keep in mind that this is a time that the boys can manage their own affairs during the week. Continue reading “The adult role at summer camp”

Notes from summer camp

Each year, summer camp brings with it new scouts, new challenges, and new things to remember. This year was no exception. You would think that after going to summer camp for many years, we’d have everything all figured out, but there’s always a way to improve.

So, without further ado (whatever ado is), here’s my short list of things to add to our list for next year, based on our camp experience last week: Continue reading “Notes from summer camp”