Summer camp survival kit

Even though summer camp rolls around each year at this time, we’re never quite prepared for it. We generally do a pretty good job, but there are details we tend to forget from one year to the next. Add to this the changing nature of our troops and a refresher becomes a good idea.

So, whether you’re heading to camp next week or next month, here are some summer camp-related articles that I and others have written on the subject recently.

  • The adult role at summer camp – A letter to the parents of my troop about what their sons can expect, and what adults who attend camp should be mindful of in order to give the Scouts the freedom to enjoy the week’s experience from their perspective.
  • Newbie summer camp advice – What one thing should you bring to or do at camp? Information from many readers about their favorite things.
  • Homesickness shouldn’t spoil summer camp – Advice for Scouts and their parents on how to deal with, and prevent, homesickness.
  • Notes from summer camp – A list of things I thought of at summer camp one year that we did or could do to help things go more smoothly.
  • Summer camp: after you’re home – Loose ends to clean up after you’re back home. Last of a four-part series that included articles on getting ready for summer camp.
  • Where are the tent stakes? – An illustration of why we shouldn’t undermine youth leaders at summer camp (or any time).

Here are some interesting posts from Clarke Green’s ScoutmasterCG site:

And from Scouting Magazine’s blog, written by editor Bryan Wendell:

Enjoy your week at camp!

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