Webelos elective changes

webelos_200Last month we took a look at the changes to the Webelos program coming in June 2015, with an eye toward the required Adventures that’ll require some nontrivial advance planning on the part of the Webelos den leader.

This month we’ll dive into the rather lengthy list of elective Adventures that the Scouts can choose from to fulfill the requirements for the Webelos and Arrow of Light ranks, courtesy of Candy Kniaz, Ottawa District Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner. As you look over the new Adventures, you’ll find that most parallel the activity badges and pins that they replace. Continue reading “Webelos elective changes”

Webelos program changes

webelos_200In our continuing series on changes coming this year to the Cub Scout program, this month I’ll preview the Webelos changes along with some pointers on how to do some advance preparation for some of the Adventures.

As always, be sure to consult the BSA’s Program Updates website for the official word on the changes to the program. Note that the recently-held webcasts on the Cub changes have been posted for viewing at any time.

While seven Adventures are required as with the lower ranks, the new Webelos requirements allow for two electives instead of just one, and Arrow of Light allows the Scout to choose three. Continue reading “Webelos program changes”

The New Cub Scout Adventure Program

wolf_woodburnI don’t often write about Cub Scouting – there are lots of resources out there for Cub leaders. But once in a while, something super exciting comes along that merits a look, even for old jaded “seen-it-all” Scouters.

Last week, I covered some of the coming updates to Boy Scouting, including additions to the program and some of the reorganization. But without boys to take advantage of the updates, they’ll be for naught, and our primary source of boys in Boy Scouts is Cub Scouting. And, unless Cub Scouting is kept exciting, relevant and interesting, our Cub numbers will continue to shrink.

Enter the Cub Scout Adventure Program! Continue reading “The New Cub Scout Adventure Program”

More keys to success for Webelos leaders

webelosUpdate: This article was written before the 2015 changes to the Webelos program took effect. The information is still valid; just substitute the current program elements for those mentioned below.

In my last post I mentioned several ideas that Webelos leaders can use now to get the most out of the program. Here are a few more.

First-year Webelos leaders:

Webelos leaders: Some keys to success

Update: This post was written before the 2015 changes to the Webelos program took effect, but the information is still valid. Just substitute the equivalent program changes for the activity badges I mention below.

Recently, while I was working on another article, I was poking around the excellent website of Troop 97 in Ft. Collins, Colo., and I came across their comprehensive list of secrets of success of great Webelos leaders. If you have been a Webelos leader for a year or so now, you realize that the Webelos program is different from the rest of Cub Scouting (as we discussed here earlier), as it is less geared toward parent/son activities and more aimed at developing these Cub Scouts to soon become Boy Scouts. Continue reading “Webelos leaders: Some keys to success”